Wednesday, December 22, 2004

What Presidential Leadership is Not

Leadership is NOT walking the country into a real messy situation that boxes us into a corner WITH NO GOOD OPTIONS for what to do next. Whether it's the tragic mess in Iraq or our huge and growing deficits, it makes one ask: "Hey, whose idea was this anyway?" or "What ever happened to the idea of keeping our powder dry and our options open?"

Then, when our so-called leader does choose an option from the lousy alternatives available, are we supposed to cheer patriotically and wave banners because a relatively less awful option was selected, when we NEVER should have found ourselves in the sorry mess in the first place?

Don't look to me for any cheering under these pathetic circumstances. It's called RESPONSIBILITY and ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES - something we need to be reminded of before they become totally lost concepts in our political history.

One ironic aspect of our election result is that the goons who got us into this mess are now stuck with the consequences. They've earned the miserable duty of getting us out of this mess -- but can they, or will they dig us in even deeper?

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