Monday, December 13, 2004

Politicians: Scumbags or Revered Leaders?

Some people are perennially upset by politicians, call them "no good corrupt scumbags", and rail against them endlessly because they seize our hard-earned money in taxes. BUT these same people stand sturdily behind the same, now suddenly revered national leaders, blindly saluting the "scumbags" whenever they call for our sons and daughters to fight and die in their bloody wars. Wars like George W's Iraq II that was engaged far more as one President's personal vendetta, for his advisers' career ambitions and for some Congressional politicians' own aggrandizement, than it was for any real security reasons. (See my earlier blog on WMD published Dec. 8, 2004: "Catching Sloganeering Gets Ink, Costs Lives").

How is it that these people are often the same ones who want us to see politicians as selfish, corrupt scumbags because they “play games with our money”, but NOT when they play games with our lives?

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